The best thing.

The best thing about my time in Los Angeles is that I was only five hours away from my friends in Arizona. Brandon and Nelson Piersol are quite possibly the coolest people I have ever met. And I mean cool. Pierced and tatted and smart and funny and the world’s best parents. I had so much fun I forgot to use my real camera for photos. So I have these two photos from my phone to show for my adventure in Phoenix. Worth it.

I worked with Brandon at little old Starbucks in Bellingham, Wash. for almost a year and he was by far the favorite of every barista in that store. He was always chill and funny and game for a good time. Then I met his wife Nelson. Brandon who? Yeah, that’s how great Nels is. SERIOUSLY GREAT. I almost cried when they moved back to Phoenix. But then, when I was living in L.A., I took a weekend and sat around eating Mexican food and checking out sweet restaurants and art museums and nibbling on the world’s cutest chubby baby. Mr. Elliot, you have stolen my heart.

Someday I will live in Arizona and work with these people.

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