To Colorado with Love

My best friend moved to Colorado and there was no other option for me than to spend Thanksgiving in her new state with her. At the airport before leaving my ride called out to me, “Have fun. Be safe. Don’t talk to strangers.”

My reply: “Ha ha ha ha ha. You’re funny.”

Colorado is a gorgeous, happy place. I spent half of my time wandering around Boulder alone by bus. 73 degrees in November? I think Boulder stole my heart just a little bit.

I wandered through the University of Colorado campus and toured the Celestial Seasonings factory. I even stopped into a Color Me Mine and painted a bowl all by me lonesome. And of course I chatted with strangers on buses and in cafes and over painted pottery.

Then, best of all, Turkey Day! Rach and I prepared a feast that could have fed a dozen people. And over dinner we swapped stories with her boyfriend (although, he wasn’t her boyfriend quite yet) about music and literature and travel and theology. It was a huge success.



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