Sarah + Larry

I first met Sarah when her youngest was a wee baby and her oldest was just barely old enough to be in my junior high girls youth group. Nearly a decade later I found myself trading overnight nanny services for flight vouchers. Being a flight attendant’s nanny has some incredible perks. Over the past two years I’ve visited dozens of states and waited hundreds of security lines and loved every minute. I’ve become a pro at navigating the standby flight system and I have been upgraded to first class twice!

So when Sarah and her pilot fiancé, Larry, chose a destination wedding in Kauai, Hawaii, they called me to see if I would photograph it. Um, yes! It was an honor to be their only guest who wasn’t family (although, if I’m being honest I probably am family by now). Four days, a tropical storm, two crazy little boys, a wild boar, thousands of chickens and a gorgeous wedding. This is the good life.

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