Hembree Clan 2015


Six years ago I photographed Jeff and Shandi’s wedding. Since then, they have been the easiest people I photograph every year. But then they had to go and have a baby. Last year, their little girl was a champ and the photos were a breeze. But what would be the chances of that happening twice? […]

Nick + Wendy


Wendy is that wonderful woman who helps decorate everyone’s wedding. Her garage is full of glass candle holders and tulle. Widowed several years ago, Wendy didn’t really think she’d marry again. Her life has been full of kindness and generosity doled out on her two kids and her hundreds of friends. I’ve had the privilege of photographing her […]

Unnamed, Untitled.


Last summer a friend, former roommate and insanely talented musician hired me to fly to LA and photograph her for an upcoming album. Artists lean into a fluidity of emotion and feeling and for reasons I cannot explain, the images which excited my friend were no longer in the style she needed. I held them […]

Beautiful Strangers


These gorgeous girls walked into the bakery where I was slinging coffee and asked about buses up to SeaTac on a SATURDAY at 5 am. I told them it was going to be hard to get a bus  that early. Then I got to thinking … I would be leaving my house nice and early to drive […]

Oberholzer Clan


When your 100 percent gorgeous, 100 percent Swiss friend asks you to photograph her family, you just SAY YES. Yep. Yes. Ja. Samantha and I studied journalism together at university and a year later we met up in Switzerland for a beer, because she’s Swiss and moved there to be all Swiss and beautiful and […]

Jenn & Luke


My sister and her boy are the EASIEST of my clan to photograph. First of all, because they are stunning. Jenn’s hair is never the same color in any pictures and Luke has a sparkle in his eye that my camera loves. Plus, there are only two of them. The only thing that made this […]

Thanksgiving at the Coast


My stunning sis-in-law asked me if I’d spend Thanksgiving in Florence, OR with her and the kids at her aunt and uncle’s house. Thanksgivings in my clan are usually HUGE and extended family meander between conversations and slip off to whisper gossip. A couple times we even rented a hall to house all the people. […]

Sarah + Larry


I first met Sarah when her youngest was a wee baby and her oldest was just barely old enough to be in my junior high girls youth group. Nearly a decade later I found myself trading overnight nanny services for flight vouchers. Being a flight attendant’s nanny has some incredible perks. Over the past two […]