Kwizera Academy: Flipbook


The best part about working for an online magazine, is that your associates and friends scatter the globe and yet feel so close. I met Kelley Nikondeha as an editor at SheLoves Magazine. I always admired her writing. She always admired my flipbooks. Now I’m partnering with Kelley and Claude over at Communities of Hope […]

Uncivilized Mama, 2012


Megan launched Uncivilized Mama in August while researching what she wanted for the pregnancy and birth of her first child. She intended to create a space for families looking for “primitive & natural living + instinctual birthing & parenting” and she hired me to illustrate her logo. The blog and facebook page are temporarily on […]

Ms. magazine, Summer 2011

Ms. magazine, Summer 2011

Yes, I realize that this is interesting subject matter. But I was asked if I was up for the task and, though I knew I was not skilled enough to handle the project, I said YES! I learned so much about the Adobe creative suite through this project (and a lot about testicles, as well). […]

Klipsun Magazine Spring 2011 “Senses”

Klipsun Magazine Spring 2011 "Senses"

I’m almost positive I have never had so much fun nor so much stress as I did in my final quarter at Western Washington University, designing Klipsun Magazine with Carey Rose. I am forever indebted to those long-ass nights for teaching me to love Illustrator and InDesign. And also grateful for my sleep deprivation that […]