Grasley Clan 2014


I photograph this gorgeous family at the end of every summer. The first year was magical and they kept coming back for more. Somehow, this year, we found the PERFECT corner behind some old shipping containers and a run-down restaurant. The backdrops were stunning and the place was completely empty. Loved it. Also, the kids are […]

Everett + Juliette // Part 1


Juliette found me on LinkedIn. I didn’t even remember having a profile on LinkedIn. We met up for coffee and she hired me to photograph her wedding. I tell every couple how much fun I had, but seriously, THIS WEDDING WAS SO MUCH FUN. So much. The only problem was editing the mountain of photos, […]

Food Photography


One of Adina’s favorite food bloggers is looking for a photographer and posted an application for the job. She thought it would be a wonderful project for our house. Joanna the chef, Adina the nutritional therapist and me the photographer. This is what the three sisters created and it was delicious.

Meagan + Aaron


It’s pretty rad when your beautiful friends ask you to photograph their wedding. It’s even cooler when you predicted their wedding long before the two of them were even talking to each other. True story. Meagan and I both thought the new band teacher in town was pretty cute and super cool. When I found […]

To Colorado with Love


My best friend moved to Colorado and there was no other option for me than to spend Thanksgiving in her new state with her. At the airport before leaving my ride called out to me, “Have fun. Be safe. Don’t talk to strangers.” My reply: “Ha ha ha ha ha. You’re funny.” Colorado is a […]

David & Diana


I received a frantic call on a Friday night that the photographer for a friend of a friend of a friend’s wedding canceled and the wedding was the NEXT DAY and could I please, please, please fill in? By saying yes, I walked into the strangest, most delightful wedding of all time. This El Salvadorean/Mexican […]

Briggs Family photos

Briggs Family photos

This family was so much fun. I’ve never had an easier time at a photo shoot that I did with Briggs clan. These kids were so polite and the parents are some of the coolest people I know. Clint once came to my house to fix my car in the rain. That’s a good friend […]