Nick + Wendy


Wendy is that wonderful woman who helps decorate everyone’s wedding. Her garage is full of glass candle holders and tulle. Widowed several years ago, Wendy didn’t really think she’d marry again. Her life has been full of kindness and generosity doled out on her two kids and her hundreds of friends. I’ve had the privilege of photographing her […]

Sarah + Larry


I first met Sarah when her youngest was a wee baby and her oldest was just barely old enough to be in my junior high girls youth group. Nearly a decade later I found myself trading overnight nanny services for flight vouchers. Being a flight attendant’s nanny has some incredible perks. Over the past two […]

Everett + Juliette // Part 1


Juliette found me on LinkedIn. I didn’t even remember having a profile on LinkedIn. We met up for coffee and she hired me to photograph her wedding. I tell every couple how much fun I had, but seriously, THIS WEDDING WAS SO MUCH FUN. So much. The only problem was editing the mountain of photos, […]

Meagan + Aaron


It’s pretty rad when your beautiful friends ask you to photograph their wedding. It’s even cooler when you predicted their wedding long before the two of them were even talking to each other. True story. Meagan and I both thought the new band teacher in town was pretty cute and super cool. When I found […]